Intel CoreiX Processors Eplained

What is the difference between Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors?

Intel® Core™ processors are among the best you can buy – but which is best for you? Find out here…

Introducing Intel® Core™

A processor is like a computer’s brain – and Intel® Core™ processors are the most powerful. They have multiple cores for more power and smoother multi-tasking.

There are 4 main categories: i3, i5, i7, and i9. Each has numerous spec options, but strictly speaking, i5 is superior to i3 and so on.

What is the difference between Intel® Generations?

Each year the Intel® Core™ processors are updated. 2018’s updates are known as the 8th generation.

Not sure what generation of processor your PC has? The number after the hyphen on its serial number should give you a clue – for example, an Intel® Core™ i7-7820HQ is 7th gen.

8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors

Intel®’s 8th Generation of processors has moved with the times and delivered some exciting new features. Including:

  • Incredible VR experiences
  • High-quality 4K UHD content
  • Two more cores – up to 6 instead of the original 4
  • Introduction of the super-powered Intel Core i9 and X-series.

Core™ i3: Everyday users – web browsing, Word and media streaming

If you’re after a laptop for everyday computing tasks like web browsing, video streaming, and office-type work, the i3 is great.

The latest 8th Gen has up to 4 cores – twice as many as the 7th Gen – making day-to-day use a lot slicker. It even lets you watch content in immersive 4K and 360° viewing.

With a Core™ i3 you can:

  • Browse multiple webpages smoothly
  • Work in Word or Excel
  • Stream movies and TV shows from Netflix in HD
  • Listen to music on Spotify
  • Multi-task efficiently with Intel® Hyper-Threading technology

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Core™ i5: Home and business use – busy multitaskers and Adobe-using creatives

Thanks to the 8th Gen update many i5 processors now feature 6 cores of processing power. This means they can handle more jobs at the same time – great for busy multitaskers.

Designers and photographers are well catered for too, as are budding PC Gamers.

With a Core™ i5 you can:

  • Smoothly multitask – work on spreadsheets, stream music and browse the web
  • Work on complicated tasks – like rendering big Excel files
  • Edit in Photoshop and sketch in Illustrator
  • Create, share and watch 4K content
  • Play intensive PC games see more Intel®’s gaming processors
  • Benefit from faster-repeated tasks thanks to the large cache size
  • Stream from multiple sites
  • Get a temporary boost when using demanding programs with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

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Core™ i7 – Video editors, designers, and gamers who crave power

If you are advanced video editing or 3D modeling you’ll need a very fast processor and good graphics – so look at an i7. It’s perfect for the demands of gaming fans too.

With 6 original cores and the technology to create another 6 virtual cores, it has enough power for the most demanding tasks.

With a Core™ i7 you can:

  • Encode video more efficiently
  • Work smoothly in 3D modeling programs
  • Smoothly edit in Photoshop and sketch in Illustrator
  • Watch and edit 4K UHD content and 360° videos
  • Work productively with demanding creative programs – each core uses 2 ‘threads’ rather than 1 with Intel®’s Hyper-Threading technology
  • Benefit from faster-repeated tasks thanks to the large cache size

Get a temporary power boost when using demanding programs with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.

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Core™ i9 – Extreme gaming, mega-tasking, and high-end content creation

The newest addition to the Intel family, the Core™ i9 X-Series, is Intel’s most powerful processor with 18 cores and 36 threads. And with updated Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, it elevates everything you do to new heights.

i9 turns your PC into a studio, producing breathtaking 4K or 360° videos, stunning photos, or high-quality music. Gamers won’t be disappointed either – this is the ultimate tool for virtual reality gaming.

With a Core™ i9 you can:

  • Produce, edit and share 4K UHD content and 360° videos
  • Work smoothly in 3D modeling programs
  • Produce and edit high-quality music
  • Smoothly edit in Photoshop and sketch out in Illustrator
  • Enjoy the ultimate gaming and VR experience
  • Work more productively when using demanding creative programs
  • Benefit from faster-repeated tasks thanks to the large cache size

Intel Core X-series Processor family

X-series variations of the Intel Core range are now available. These unlocked versions of the original platforms are supercharged and allow for overclocking. They’re designed to scale to your performance needs by delivering options between 4 to 18 cores for extreme performance and the latest technological advancements while providing headroom for the future.


Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops

A lot of Think

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops has been to the top of Mount Everest, depths of oceans and the canopies of rain forests. NASA embraced the ThinkPad on both the International and the Mir Space Stations. It’s even in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Most importantly, over 100 million devices have been sold, thanks in part to the loyal T Series customers.

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops

Lenovo ThinkPads are tested against 12 military-grade requirements with more than 200 quality checks to ensure quality. From wilderness to desert storms, from zero-gravity to spills, trust your T Series device. This is because it will handle whatever life throws your way.

Realize your potential

Whether it’s long battery life you need—up to 27 hours on a single charge—blazing-fast file-load times or bootups that take just seconds, T Series delivers a powerful performance. Convenient side docking on our newest models lets you connect to monitors, speakers, and more with a quick snap, at no sacrifice to weight or thinness.

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Features of a Good Laptop

Top 7 tips to consider when buying a new laptop

Is there a right laptop that can fit every user’s needs in the long term? Laptops are considered a basic need/or a basic necessity in the world today transitioning from the traditional static desktops. Unfortunately, some people invest in buying laptops without paying attention to the priority features and end up incurring financial losses and wastage of time in their quest to identify the laptop that can fit their needs. When buying a laptop, you may want to consider the following factors to ensure your investment is worthwhile:
  1. Screen size and type
If you are a frequent work traveler and rarely work from a permanent office desk setting, identifying the right screen size is crucial. 12.5 Inch, 13.3 Inch or even 14-inch screen size is ideal for you. The most common screen size is a 15.6 Inch and 17 Inch which is deal for gamers and movie lovers. Supposing you spend long hours in front of your screen, then you definitely don’t need a touch screen laptop as they have glossy screens that lead to reflections hence uncomfortable to the eyes. A high resolution (full HD) screen is recommended in case you need enough space to line up windows and keep things in view. IPS (In-plane switching) technology gives you a wide viewing angle and best user comfort
  1. Processor (CPU)
This is the main part that defines the processing speed of all tasks in a laptop –surfing the web, video editing, playing games and all other processor intensive tasks. When buying a laptop think of Core i3, core i5 or core i7. Core i3 is the entry level processor whereas core i5 makes up the majority of mainstream PCs. Core i7 based laptops offer the best performance. Please note that in case you use your laptop on your lap most of the time then the heat coming from the base of the laptop can be a cause for concern.
  1. Battery
A laptop’s portability convenience is highly dependent on a decent battery life to work anywhere. Batteries come in 2 cell, 3 cell, 4 cell, 6 cell (commonly) and even 9 cell. Power consumption is highly dependent the screen size, screen brightness, resolution and the kind of tasks running. Online video streaming and transfer of loads of files via the wireless network drains your battery faster.
  1. RAM (Random Access Memory)
For smooth operation of all tasks, it’s recommended to have a laptop with at least 4GB RAM. For processing intensive tasks like video editing and graphics design you might need higher than 4 GB RAM. Apart from the RAM size, also the type is important in defining speed. The latest DDR4 RAM runs on a faster frequency than DDR3 RAM.
  1. Storage
The normal hard drives are no longer in use especially in thin laptops due to their low speeds, somewhat bulkiness and production of noticeable heat and noise. Solid State Drive (SSD), on the other hand, has a lot more speed than a hard drive, runs silently and doesn’t add too much weight and bulk in the laptop. SSDs have two main downsides; they don’t offer as much capacity since you’ll find them in 125GB, 256GB and 512 GB in sizes. They are expensive too. However, with an SSD laptop you’ll get to enjoy crazy speeds in loading programs, accessing your data and you’ll also be amazed at how quickly you can boot up your system.
  1. Build Quality
With our current lifestyles of multitasking you can never be more careful, laptops get liquid spillages or even get dropped. We have ruggedized laptops that can withstand rain, dust and even dropping shocks and some are built especially for brutal educational environments and even military-grade protection.
  1. Warranty and after sales Service
Before buying a laptop ensure that the brand has warranty and most importantly a warranty center in your city. Importing unique brands from other countries might bring you challenges in case of warranty related claims. After sales services like repairs, part replacements and complementary accessories like docking stations are crucial. You can also choose to buy warranty extension periods or insure your laptop. Other key factors to consider may include: availability of your ideal ports like USB 3.0, HDMI port, serial port etc. Know the amount you are willing to spend/ budget in advance as it helps in your long term projections on durability, reliability and convenience that comes with your laptop investment. Striking the balance is a choice one should make from an informed point of view.

The HP Spectre x360

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The Spectre identity stems from that type of commitment and conviction. Examine the details of it’s exterior and you will see that it’s sculpted from a single, solid block of aluminum alloy. Machined edges give it a natural luster and elegance that expresses the craftsman’s passion for detail. There’s an unparalleled degree of precision in every curve and contour that puts it into a class of its own. We’ve refined the geared hinges reducing the size, and increasing the exactitude of their function. The anodization and diamond-cut edge adds an accent and visual intrigue as it moves from mode to mode across its 360-degree spectrum. We re-architected the thermal environment to accommodate two small fans. Doing so made space for the Intel Core processors. The seamless micro-edge display, with a 13.3-inch diagonal screen, delivers an expansive view in a smaller footprint. With Quad HP speakers, HP audio boost, and custom tuning by experts and Bang & Olufsen, entertainment comes to life in a spectrum of sound that brings breadth, range, and dimension to the whole auditory experience. Weighing in at just a little over three pounds, and is only 13.79 millimeters thin, it has an amazing 13 hours of battery life. Finished in precision CNC aluminum and featuring our brand new premium logo mark, there’s really nothing else like it. So does the world really need another laptop? Probably not. But there’s a small space to fill for a select few. A performance-driven, design inspired, detailed conscious technology to fuel a well-fashioned life. Few. That’s who we made this for. To find more about this and other laptops in Nairobi click here